Choosing the perfect pair of earrings

Beautiful 18K gold earrings for any occasion

Earrings are fantastic jewels that frame and highlight your beauty and your spirit. They can be alluring, elegant, expressive, and fun, and the right pair will offer countless ways to add style and complete your unique look.
18K gold jewelry is an investment, and there are essential factors to consider when purchasing a high-end piece of jewelry.
Are you shopping for earrings to wear every day, a day-to-night look, or a special occasion? Do you have a specific style of dressing? Maybe you have multiple piercings and want to consider the versatility of the earrings. Can the earrings be combined with other pieces you already own? Our curated collection of fine 18K earrings offers a choice of artistic jewels suitable for all occasions. We have given special attention to our jewelry's timeless beauty and quality, making it easy to combine different pieces from our collection and the jewelry you already own.

Be kind to your lovely ears

Next to the style and size, we want to emphasize the importance of quality and technical design. These factors will directly affect how the earrings fit your unique ear, how comfortable they are, and ultimately how they look when you wear them. Ideally, the earrings should be lightweight, especially if you are wearing them all day. They also need to be of excellent quality and designed well since your earrings are constantly moving with you. Therefore, the length of the earring post, the quality of the earring backs, all moving parts, French wire levers, and hoops are critical. Sometimes, it might be necessary to adjust these components to fit your ear well, which is easily done with all Goldhaus & Alexander earrings because we only use high-quality gold components.

The benefits of 18K gold

18K gold is one of the preferred precious metals in fine jewelry making in the US. 18K gold is 75% pure gold and 25% metal alloy, which gives 18K gold its beautiful color, polish, excellent strength, longevity, and wearability. Due to the low alloy content, it can be beneficial for individuals with sensitivities to alloy metals.


18K Gold and Diamond earrings you will love: