Holiday Gift Guide - 2020

Delightful jewelry – a reflection of your beauty and grace

I love this time of the year! The Holiday Season, Christmas. I love the joyful anticipation, the festive decorations, the scent of pine trees and spice, songs of joy and praise, the thoughtful gifts, beautiful traditions, and cherished memories. And yes, I even enjoy standing in line at the grocery store, sharing recipes or a sudden change of plans, accompanied by laughter and compassion.

This year, more than ever, is an important time for reflection and gratitude, while celebrating the precious gift of love. A time to hope and pray for peace, letting the events of the past year settle and preparing for what lays ahead. It is a time to rest and a time to look beyond the usual.

In the spirit of this special Holiday season, I would also like to share some magical words and sounds of Christmas, songs of hope, songs of angels and heavenly joys. The beautiful In Dulci Jubilo, The little Swallow (Carol of the Bells) and Candlelight Carol are wonderfully setting the tone for this special time.

We hope you enjoy our favorite gift ideas, unique jewels of delight and inspiration. These beautiful pendants and earrings make wonderful Christmas gifts and are sure to bring about big smiles and twinkling eyes. The craftsmanship and detail of these pieces is outstanding and noticeable, making each one a valuable jewel to be eternally treasured:



One of our favorite pieces in our collection is the Wind Rose Diamond pendant. This piece beautifully depicts the richness of divine guidance and orientation we seek throughout our daily journeys.

The “Rose of the Winds” is pure poetry. From the history of the invention of the compass, the magnificent stories of exploration and voyages, to the symbolic and spiritual meaning of this graceful object, it is an everlasting and powerful symbol of mankind’s pursuit of goodness.

This exquisite jewel is a beautiful gift, a precious reminder to never lose your way and your sense of wonder.

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The star pendant and earrings from our Heavenly collection are a lovely and romantic Christmas gift. For all believers and stargazers, whether you are admiring the vastness of night skies or are in search of divine guidance, these gold and Diamond stars shine brightly for you!




This delicate Diamond anchor pendant is simply enchanting! The fine detail and proportions of this jewel highlight the beauty of a significant symbol, the anchored cross. A symbol of hope and faithfulness, with great wealth in meaning and history, this poetic jewel tells the stories of the colorful legends of the sea and the wonder of divine foreseeing.

Our Seaside pendant and earrings truly make a special gift which will accompany its wearer in style on their many unforgettable adventures.


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